​​Autumn is my favorite colour

Mother Nature has an amazing paint

Which ones? All of them.

The rich deep colours of autumn dominate a lot of my artwork. The deep Reds, Orangs, Yellows, Gold. Bronzes and copper of set by stark silver birch trees, painted in pearl whites, greys, silvers, purple and black, the strong trunks andfragile branches reaching for blue skies.

Alberta is an artist dream for backdrops and inspiration for majestic canvases. The Magenta sunrises and sets, deep Torques waters, vibrant storms are inspiration for my canvases.

The mighty Rocky Mountains that boarder the province of Alberta are prominent in many of my paintings, the blues, grays and silvers with canola fields in the foreground show the beauty of our provinces.

Water is an important part of our world, the rivers, waterfalls, and oceans dominate many of my canvases.

The water cuts integral mural patterns into the rocks and creates beautiful backdrops for my spruce and Burch trees.

Bears, the Northern Lights, Sunrises and sets are favorite subject maters.

Spruce trees are very combine in our province and shown strongly in prairie art.

As my Art has evolved, it has become my passion and occupation. I view the blank canvas challenge to stretch my imagination and improve my talents.

When I am asked,          “How long does it take to paint that picture?

The correct answer is       “My lifet

Personal Portfolio

I start every day with a Thank you letter to God. It is better to be thankful than complain and reminds me of the great things in my life that are important to me in my life. My family, a safe place to live, friends, and artistic talents.

The Psalms tell me to lift my eyes up to the Lord and be amazed and inspired by what God has made. 

Inspiration for some of my Artwork has come from the Group of Seven Canadian Artist who explored and painted the new country of Canada. The detailed paintings of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Ontario, and Northern Canada are apparent in my artwork. Pieces outlined on small boards over the summer and used to create stunning larger than life paintings in the winter. During the summer, I use a camera to capture the landscapes wherever I go and keep small canvases in with my easel to create little art. I admire the work of Emily Carr and her stark painting of the British Columbia Coast; her eccentricity is an inspiration for many to become Canadian Artists.