Personal Portfolio


Vision and Voice 2016

I had the privilege of participation in The Vision and Voice through the Airdrie Writers Guild at the Airdrie Public Library.

This was collaboration between twelve artist and writers. The artist submitted artwork and the writer’s stories. The writers composed stories of the submitted artwork, while we created pieces of art for their stories. This helped expand our artwork and writing.





The Imago Mundi Art Project of Italy:

The Imago Mundi Art Project of Italy sent out a request for artwork representing Western Canadian Artist.

Sixteen artists form the Airdrie Regional Arts Society submitted artwork in a 4 X 6 format.

After much soul searching I again submitted the Northern Lights with an Inuksuk standing guard. The project then sent out copies to each artist that submitted artwork.



Local Projects

The City of Airdrie Picnic Table Project for art in public places.

 A call went out for artists to paint picnic tables for the City of Airdrie.

Much to my surprise the tables were eight feet long and ten feet wide weighing in at over two hundred pounds.

The artwork was the artist choice and to represent family adventures in Airdrie. 

I chose to paint the Northern Lights background, with a Family of Inuksuk holding hands. This represents the value of family living in the City of Airdrie.