Personal Portfolio

​​Help Support a Local Artist.

Do you have blank walls in a local business, show home, or vacant storefront free to contact me at pmpile@icloud.com,

I will I supply the professional artwork for a three to six month time space to decorate your office walls.


Utilizing Vacant Retail Space.

If you have a vacant store, I will set up a pop up art show for your staff and clients to enjoy. This increases visibility and allows tenets few other options and possibilities for the space. (I also have other artist that would be happy to assist in this project.


Are you hosting an event or fundraiser?

Would you like artwork to decorate the space or a live art demonstration for your event contact me at pmpile@icloud.com?

Raising funds for a charity, I will personally support your charity event with an art display and donate a portion  of my sale  to the event.

Art in Business

Airdrie Reginal Art Society teams artist with local business to support Art in Airdrie.

I have been able to display my art at these local business in Airdrie. 

Airdrie, AM106 Radio Station                Bert Church Theater

Airdrie Eye Clinic                                  Airdrie Family Eye Doctors,

Airdrie Primary Clinic                            Airdrie Windshield and Auto Glass